A year ago I didn’t even know what the term “craft beer” meant. In my mind beer was beer, some kinds I liked some I didn’t. I always liked the word “craft” however, it has such a pleasant feel to it. The word feels home made, hand made, made with love and attention. I’m finding that in every brewery I discover they all feel the same, they are crafters of a delicious beverage. My discovery started when a friend of mine offered me a job at his brewery he had opened in 2014. I was hesitant at first, knowing very little about beer, and being that beer is what his business is about. I decided to dive in, become a part of his world, experience something different. What I found was beyond all expectation. Not only did I become an avid beer drinker, I reveled in the excitement every time a new beer was introduced, and every time my favorite beer came back on tap. Not only was the world of craft beer amazing, the people in it are also amazing. Everyone I interacted with, co-workers, friends of the brewers, investors in the company, customers from near and far, everyone was also reveling in this enchanting world. Everyone has their own experiences, preferences and words of advice, and everyone loves to talk about the one thing we all have in common, craft beer. I realized I had tapped into something great, something I felt great being a part of, and I now have a craving to discover as much as I can. So after working in one brewery for a year, I’d now like to experience what each and every other brewery out there has to offer. It’s been a journey so far, and I’d love to share it. Perhaps to inspire others to also venture out of their comfort zone, perhaps just to be entertaining and have a place to write my thoughts. I am The Bubbly Beer Blogger, my name is Gita, and here you’ll find my bubbly personality coming through in my writings for love of that delicious bubbly craft beer!


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