Tangerine Dream Ale

From 4 Mile Brewing Co. In Victoria BC comes a limited edition brew that is described on the bottle as a “Pucker Perfect Swig”. These words do not lie. Coming in at just 4.25% ABV this delicious beer is light and the moment you whiff the tangerine aroma your mind tells you that you’re in for a treat! It’s like if a Creamsicle and a vat of beer had a love affair, this would be their love child.. which yes is kinda creepy, but nontheless that’s what comes to mind. The colour is a very lovely dark orange, and the taste is of the most tender, ripe, juiciest tangerines. With a slight hoppy flavour, this beer is real easy to drink. Every time I put my glass down I instantly want to pick it back up for another swig, and another sniff, ’cause damn it smells like tangerine heaven! Absolutely divine.

This bottle has pretty much the best description I’ve ever read “Tangerine Dream. Clean, bright, summertime delight. Easy, breezy, wind up your skirt, tongue tantalizing flirt. Crisp wheat treat with a snaggle of sweet. Brilliant with Indian butter chicken, coconut cream pie or mud wrestling at the trailer park.”

Yes! This beer is delicious as well as incredibly quirky, unique and entertaining. Most excellent 4 Mile Brewing, most excellent.



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