Nelson Brewing Company

The Location

An oldie but a goodie, established in 1991 Nelson Brewing Company is one of the oldest breweries in BC. Over decades of building their business, and spreading their all organic goodness far and wide, their reputation far precedes them. The one thing this incredible brewery was missing was a tasting room where customers can come to sit and sample the brews… but a month ago they solved that! Right when you enter the brewery you’re in the spiffy new tasting room, where you can sit at the bar, and have a flight of new beers that are only available on location! They’ve also rebranded their company logo, which looks great on their new black matt growlers, available in 1L, 2L and fancy stainless steel. The aesthetic of the tasting room retains the heritage feel of the building (the brewery was actually built in the 1890’s, shut down, and then restored in 1991). You can see and feel the history in the pictures, metal brew tank signs, old barrels, and numerous bottles decorating the walls. You’ll find quite a bit of NBC swag available such as baseball hats, touques, t-shirts, hoodies, beer cozies, stickers, skateboards and pint glasses. NBC has definitely stepped up their game with their new developments and have proven that they may be old school but they’re still cool. What better way to spend an afternoon than to head over for a guided tour of NBC, which includes a flight of beer afterwards. The tour is amazing, they walk you through the entire brewery and explain the brew process and what each tank does. The mash ton, kettle and grain mill are the biggest I’ve ever seen, and with 17 fermenter tanks and 8 more conditioning tanks it is quite a site to behold! Their shipping area is also impressive with stacks of empty beer cans, and the canning machine which fills each can with the delicious liquid. The mind blowing part is when they explain how there is one guy who stand there gathering the cans as they come down the conveyor belt and assembles them into six packs, by hand. Talk about labour of love. Oh and the creek that runs through the brewing area is pretty handy for washing the waste away. Because the brewery is located on a very steep hill, half of it is actually 30 ft underground, which is great for natural refrigeration. These guys are very clever at utilizing the natural resources they have at hand to save on electricity and plumbing that’s for sure! Nelson’s oldest brewery is an experience for locals and tourists alike to enjoy, and I can’t wait to see what other new and exciting beers they come out with. Props to these guys for keeping it real, staying true to their roots, but also being able to embrace change and keep up with the times!


The Beers

Hooligan Organic Pilsner: Golden, light, slightly bitter and made for the summer

Thuggles ESB (extra special bitter): Beautiful golden, amber colour, sweet and smooth

Pour Mans Porter: Dark, but still light, malty, caramely and very smooth

Nitro Stout: Dark, creamy and aromatic with roasty coffee flavours

OBA (old brewery ale): a light ale with a hint of orange, amazingly delicious and refreshing!


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