Trail Beer Refinery

The Location

The newest, greatest, most enjoyable venue in Trail, BC is without a doubt their big, fancy, new brewery! From the location right downtown you have a view of the Teck Cominco metals Refinery at the top of the hill. Which definitely leads one to think that the brewery was designed in such a way as to reflect the main industry of Trail, the refinery. Inside the brewery is huge, very open, very spacious, with giant bay doors that open up right onto the sidewalk. From the seating area you can see just about the entire brewery, the brew tanks, fermentor tanks, grain sacks and giant towers of beer cans (like GIANT). There is a nice black and bright orange colour theme throughout the space. The red brick walls and wooden planks add an interesting touch of rustic to the mostly industrial, mechanical feel. There is also a very strong “sports bar” element, with four large flat screen tv’s continuously airing sports news. Just after 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon there was a line forming outside already, a combination of the young and the old. This would be the place to come after a long work week with a few buddies, pull up a chair, order some brews and chow, kick back and watch the game. The taproom carries beers made on location as well as guest beers, also red and white wine. They offer a full menu, something delicious for everyone… but really you don’t need to look any further than their Margherita Pizza, which will literally knock your socks off! Yummmmmm.


The Brews

Silver City Ice: A delicious, crisp, light, mild flavoured Pale Lager. Perfectly refreshing summer beer.

Trail Ale: A nice, malty, mellow brown ale with hints of caramel and a tinge of bitteriness.

Smoked Chocolate Porter: Dangerously dark and slightly smokey with a very subtle hint of chocolate in the aftertaste.

English Bitter: An easy drinking bitter that has more subtle bitteriness and is slightly tart.


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