Rossland Beer Co.

The Location

In the tiny town of Rossland, BC is the most ski-bumb like brewery I’ve ever been to. Located in the alley just off the main drag the brewery can be a bit tricky to find at first, but once you see the giant letters on the side of the building you can’t miss it! Inside the layout is pretty fascinating, it goes three levels deep, but is not very big otherwise. The tasting bar/ growler fill station is right when you walk in, then there’s a lounging level, then the level with all the brew tanks. When you stand at the top you can look over onto all three levels! I was lucky enough to snap a pic of the brewer in progress and he was cool enough to pose for me! The whole place just oozes ski culture, from the lovely exposed wooden planks and rippled sheet metal walls right down to the chandelier made out of skis. We’ve been a couple times now and each time the place was hopping, clearly a favourite location for tourists and locals alike. They had the bay doors opened up so that the tasting room and patio were open to one another and the nice summer breeze can flow right through. I can just imagine in the winter what a great spot it would be to hang out in after a long day skiing up on Red Mountain. Based on all the awards and articles that have been written about these guys, it’s obvious that they are highly esteemed in their community. You can read all about it, when you’re doing your business in their washroom… just try not to take too long!


The Brews

6 ft. Blonde Ale: A very nice golden coloured blonde ale, light and more on the bitter and tart side.

Hugh Hefeweizen: Cloudy in colour, and bursting with fruity and citrus flavours. Quite smooth, and not hoppy as it’s not made with hops.

Paint it Black IPA: Just what you’d expect from a black IPA, dark, roasty and smooth and yet quite hoppy (as IPA’s usually go). Almost starts out like a stout as it hits your tongue, then tastes like an IPA as it slides down your throat.

7 Summits Milk Stout: Omg, so good. Stout perfection in a glass. Creamy, smooth, dark, roasty and deeeeeeelicious. Could drink this beer for days.


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