Red Wood “Wine Barrel Aged Ale”

From Tree Brewing Co. in Kelowna, BC comes Red Wood, a Wine Barrel Aged Ale. This limited edition craft beer is almost mistaken for wine with it’s fancy bottle shape, but this makes it stands out of the ordinary! Coming in at 5% ABV this beer is most definitely not a wine, but a delicious craft beer that will tantalize your taste buds. The beer was made to celebrate the efforts and success of the Okanagan Valley’s Vintners (wine merchants) who have made award winning wine for years! The beer has a very dark, almost syrupy look to it and smells slightly of wine but mostly it’s roasty and malty smelling. A nice, thick, fluffy head foams up which is just so good you want to lick it! This beer tastes mostly like a nice, dark stout but also has a distinct red wine after taste.

So as I am still learning the language of craft beer, I wanted to know why beer would be aged in a wine barrel in the first place… it is done with the intention of imparting the flavours of the wood and what had previously been in the barrel. Being a lover of both wine and beer alike this sounds great to me! And the result is most delicious, so barrel onward I do say!



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