Backroads Brewing Co.

The Location

For my first post as the Bubbly Beer Blogger I’m going to write about my experience at Backroads Brewing in lovely Nelson, BC.  Being the newest brewery in Nelson it is quite a trendy spot to head to for a glass or pint (23 oz!) of their delicious craft beer.
They are centrally located right downtown on Baker St. Which is a great location for when you’re going out on the town with your friends or just want to stop in for a cold glass after you get some shopping done.  Just make sure you come early as they tend to get to full capacity quick! Once you do get inside though you’ll find a brewery that truly lives up to it’s name. Backroads is it’s name and the back roads of the Kootenays is what it’s aesthetic represents. There is heavy use of varnished wooden planks and polished steel, that gives is a rustic cabin-like feel. There is beauty in the smooth, caramel coloured wood alongside the rough and rugged fixtures and furniture. I particularly enjoy the old school Edison light bulbs hanging from wooden boards. Their use of canning jar style mugs, the stump & nail game in the back and their vinyl record player gives the place an outdoor adventurer vibe with a touch of hipster!

The Beer

Saison:  Light and fruity, just like a saison should be. Every time I have a saison it tastes like Juicy Fruit gum to me, so watch out, because this one is gonna move yah!

Kellerbier (Lager): Very mild in flavour and easy to drink.

IPA (India Pale Ale): Light and mildly hoppy for an IPA, but still has that bitteryness to it!

Pale Ale: Darker than your usual pale ale, and quite full of citrus flavours, yet very smooth.

Big Smokin Joe Porter: Dark, malty and suuuuuper smokey yet sweet and smooth. Almost like a drinking maple syrup that’s been cooked over the campfire. (I loved it!)

ESB (English Special Bitter): A lovely amber coloured ale that is not too bitter and not too hoppy, it’s almost just right.


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