Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen

From Moody Ales, in Port Moody, comes their Sublime Pineapple Hefeweizen, and sublime it is indeed! Coming in at just 4.8% ABV this beer is light and fluffy, zippy and zingy in all the best of ways. After a long day outside, working in the garden under the sun, this hefeweizen is pretty much the best thing ever. That feeling of euphoria after you’ve finished all your tasks, put everything away and finally sit down is perfectly complimented with a nice cold glass of this pineapple heaven-weizen. The first words that come to mind after the first sip is simply “ohhhhhh yahhhhhhh” much like how the Cool Aid man says it when he bursts through the wall in that Family Guy episode, yeah, just like that.

This beer has a delightfully fruity, tropical scent that creeps up your nose upon first sip, and lingers on your taste buds after completion of first sip. I find the pineapple flavour subtle, and not at all overpowering or overly sweet. It is undoubtedly a Hefezweizen, with a pleasant hint of something more. Perfect for hot days. Refreshing and real. I’d drink this baby every day of the summer if I could. The only sad part of my experience is that I only had the one bottle, sadness, brew us some more Moooooooody Ales!

All summer long, pineapple after sun delight, all the way.



Angry Hen Brewing

The Location

Kaslo, located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, on the western shore of Kootenay Lake is a sweet Canadian town unlike any other. In this place people are still polite, still wave hi to strangers on the sidewalk and still value good natured old fashioned people. This town makes you feel welcome and right at home, especially with their newest business Angry Hen Brewing! The brewery can be found in the most ideal location on the main drag, towards the water, just across the street from the famed S.S.Moyie (the oldest intact passenger sternwheeler in the world). Inside is a pleasant, spacious tasting room with giant glass windows so you can people watch or just admire the view. The brewery is fully equipped with all that the craft beer lovers hearts could desire, including 7 delicious beers on tap, and craft soda (the French Vanilla sounded amaaaaaazing). They also have light lunch/snack fare, growler fills, crowler fills, brewery swag and super cool handcrafted ceramic steins! We stopped by the brewery for the first time on St.Patty’s day and the place was packed! Almost every table and chair was taken and there were stand up live comedians setting up for that evenings entertainment. The women serving behind the bar were as pleasant and accommodating as you could expect Kaslo residents to be. The brewery has it’s very own unique aesthetic that is both endearing and intriguing. When you order a flight of beer it comes to you in a four cup muffin tin (A-dorable), the lights are covered in green shades that resemble hops, and the tap handles are clevers. At the growler fill station there is a machine that we had never seen before, as we were trying to guess what it was we saw it put to action.. it was a crowler filler! So cool. A crowler being a giant single use can o’beer. Just like a growler you get to choose what beer goes in, and instead of having multiple small cans you just hold onto this baby and look like a boss. Cool right!

The whole place has a cohesive theme, is very well laid out, has delicious product and is guaranteed to not disappoint you. I for one am going to get back there any chance I get. Love making the trip down the lake to visit Kaslo, now I have even more reason to do so.. being a craft beer lover is a hobby not alcoholism after all 😉


The Beers

Of the 7 beers on tap we had only 4:

Kolsch- German light. Delicious, light and crispy.

Freakout- “Just shut up and drink it” An amazing Bitter, with notes of butterscotch (we got a growler fill of this deliciousness to savour)

Red Ale- Irish Ale- Exactly what you would expect and hope a red ale should taste like

Stout- Dry Irish- a dark yet less roasty stout, but delish nontheless

The Last Aurochs (Weizenbock)

“…Our crowns of tusk worn high, we then were countless. Time has passed. The year now in its winter, day its dusk, my fellows fallen all, I am the last.”

From Driftwood Brewery in Victoria BC is their Weizenbock, The Last Aurochs, coming in strong at 8% ABV this beer is quite the experience. Not to be drunk lightly that’s for sure. The colour is a beautiful, deep amber, and the aroma is malty and bold with a hint of sweetness. The first sip sent shivers down my spine and my taste buds sent a message to my brain saying “whooooooaaaa.. what did you just consume.. and can I have another sip.” It’s an intense beer I’m not gonna lie, but there’s an intrigue and an enjoyability about it as well. The first flavour that hits you is molasses, it’s like dark and rich and sweet, but definitely tastes like molasses. I felt like this was a good choice to test out considering the changing of the seasons into Fall, something dark and spicy to warm up the insides. Considering how strong it is however, I think this is one to share with others when you’re up for a sharing adventure.

On an inquisitive note:

What are Aurochs?: Aurochs is an extinct species of large, wild cattle that inhabited Europe. It is the ancestor of domestic cattle. (Absolutely love the illustration of the Aurochs on the bottle, Driftwood Brewery has some incredibly talented illustrators).

What is a Weizenbock?: A German style wheat beer. Includes bolder and more complex malt characters of dark fruits and perhaps some spiciness.

Huh, I’ve officially experienced and learned something new


Savoy Brewery

The Location

Almost everyone and their grandmother has heard of the Shambhala electronic music festival that is held yearly and hosts some 10,000+ participants. The festival attracts party goers from around the globe, with good reason, it is a party like none other! This summer was their 20th anniversary, with their popularity growing, and their money keeps flowing it’s no wonder the owners have the means to expand! A few years ago they bought the historic Savoy Hotel in Nelson, and spent what I would imagine millions in restoring it. The building now includes the Farm Fresh Cafe, Bloom nightclub, The Falls music lounge and their very own microbrewery that makes delicious in house craft beer! The brewery is located inside The Falls music lounge which you can see in it’s entirety through the glass walls. The brew tanks are beautifully lite with blue-ish purple-ish glowing lights which really showcase how exquisite they are.  The tanks are clearly state of the art, brand new, very expensive equipment that may be bitty but they obviously get the job done. The Savoy is able to produce 7 different craft beers available on tap, and the variety is amazing! The Falls lounge is beautifully done up, with a live music stage, full bar, and vast seating area, including the most comfy circular booths. Their outside patio is true perfection in my humble opinion, it’s spacious, comfortable, has lovely decor and in the evening sits in the shade of the hotel itself. Which is just perfect for these blazing summer days, when you know you should be outside, but at the same time you don’t want to turn into a puddle of sweat. Oh, and their nachos are pretty much the most adorable nachos you will every see. Not only are they delicious, they come with little cone shaped chip bowls at the top full of dips! Yummmmmm. These guys know what they’re doing, they’re doing it well, and they’re not afraid to go big while they’re doing it! Go big or go home right. The business owners have proven to be incredibly successful at creating their own little empire, and their brewery might be tiny.. but it’s fierce!


The Beers

“Take Flight”

Savoy Brewery Colsch: Their lightest beer, crisp, easy, simple flavour

Savoy Brewery Light Alt S.M.A.S.H: Cloudy and a bit bittery, but nice

Savoy Brewery English Export Ale: Beautiful amber colour, hint of sweetness

Savoy Brewery Nitro Red Velvet: (love the name) Smooth, sultry and sexy

Savoy Brewery Nitro Stout: Smooth, dark, roasty and robust

Savoy Brewery Cerveza Mole- Chili Pilsner: Quite dark for a pilsner, sweet but has a delightful little chilli burn in the back of the throat

Savoy Brewery IPA: Not very hoppy, but nice, light and mellow

Wards Dry Apple Cider: A delicious cider to tantalize the taste buds after all the beers 🙂


Tangerine Dream Ale

From 4 Mile Brewing Co. In Victoria BC comes a limited edition brew that is described on the bottle as a “Pucker Perfect Swig”. These words do not lie. Coming in at just 4.25% ABV this delicious beer is light and the moment you whiff the tangerine aroma your mind tells you that you’re in for a treat! It’s like if a Creamsicle and a vat of beer had a love affair, this would be their love child.. which yes is kinda creepy, but nontheless that’s what comes to mind. The colour is a very lovely dark orange, and the taste is of the most tender, ripe, juiciest tangerines. With a slight hoppy flavour, this beer is real easy to drink. Every time I put my glass down I instantly want to pick it back up for another swig, and another sniff, ’cause damn it smells like tangerine heaven! Absolutely divine.

This bottle has pretty much the best description I’ve ever read “Tangerine Dream. Clean, bright, summertime delight. Easy, breezy, wind up your skirt, tongue tantalizing flirt. Crisp wheat treat with a snaggle of sweet. Brilliant with Indian butter chicken, coconut cream pie or mud wrestling at the trailer park.”

Yes! This beer is delicious as well as incredibly quirky, unique and entertaining. Most excellent 4 Mile Brewing, most excellent.


The Last Strawberry

From Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks in Richmond BC, is the most delicious Strawberry Wit beer you will ever have. The first time I had this tasty beverage it was on tap at one of our local pubs, and as soon as it touched my lips it was true love at first sip. A couple months later I noticed it on the shelf at the liquor store, and of course could not resist the temptation! The moment you raise your glass up to your face and sniff the amazing aroma, and the second it hits your tongue you know you’ve found gold. Coming in at only 4.9% this is pretty much the perfect summer drink, for those hot days at the beach, or just lounging in your yard in the shade trying to survive. It’s light, refreshing, slightly tart and has just the perfect amount of strawberry flavour, that doesn’t overpower the taste of the beer. It’s no wonder this beer has won the bronze medal award from the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2016. Next time you’re hitting up the liquor store on the hunt for something delicious, be sure to keep an eye out for this one. Fuggles & Warlock is definitely a brewery that is on my radar, and I can’t wait to try everything else they have to offer. Strawberry bottoms up!


*Side note: Why did Mr.Strawberry leave Mrs.Strawberry?

….Because she Blue-Barry.


Cheers guys!

Nelson Brewing Company

The Location

An oldie but a goodie, established in 1991 Nelson Brewing Company is one of the oldest breweries in BC. Over decades of building their business, and spreading their all organic goodness far and wide, their reputation far precedes them. The one thing this incredible brewery was missing was a tasting room where customers can come to sit and sample the brews… but a month ago they solved that! Right when you enter the brewery you’re in the spiffy new tasting room, where you can sit at the bar, and have a flight of new beers that are only available on location! They’ve also rebranded their company logo, which looks great on their new black matt growlers, available in 1L, 2L and fancy stainless steel. The aesthetic of the tasting room retains the heritage feel of the building (the brewery was actually built in the 1890’s, shut down, and then restored in 1991). You can see and feel the history in the pictures, metal brew tank signs, old barrels, and numerous bottles decorating the walls. You’ll find quite a bit of NBC swag available such as baseball hats, touques, t-shirts, hoodies, beer cozies, stickers, skateboards and pint glasses. NBC has definitely stepped up their game with their new developments and have proven that they may be old school but they’re still cool. What better way to spend an afternoon than to head over for a guided tour of NBC, which includes a flight of beer afterwards. The tour is amazing, they walk you through the entire brewery and explain the brew process and what each tank does. The mash ton, kettle and grain mill are the biggest I’ve ever seen, and with 17 fermenter tanks and 8 more conditioning tanks it is quite a site to behold! Their shipping area is also impressive with stacks of empty beer cans, and the canning machine which fills each can with the delicious liquid. The mind blowing part is when they explain how there is one guy who stand there gathering the cans as they come down the conveyor belt and assembles them into six packs, by hand. Talk about labour of love. Oh and the creek that runs through the brewing area is pretty handy for washing the waste away. Because the brewery is located on a very steep hill, half of it is actually 30 ft underground, which is great for natural refrigeration. These guys are very clever at utilizing the natural resources they have at hand to save on electricity and plumbing that’s for sure! Nelson’s oldest brewery is an experience for locals and tourists alike to enjoy, and I can’t wait to see what other new and exciting beers they come out with. Props to these guys for keeping it real, staying true to their roots, but also being able to embrace change and keep up with the times!


The Beers

Hooligan Organic Pilsner: Golden, light, slightly bitter and made for the summer

Thuggles ESB (extra special bitter): Beautiful golden, amber colour, sweet and smooth

Pour Mans Porter: Dark, but still light, malty, caramely and very smooth

Nitro Stout: Dark, creamy and aromatic with roasty coffee flavours

OBA (old brewery ale): a light ale with a hint of orange, amazingly delicious and refreshing!

Trail Beer Refinery

The Location

The newest, greatest, most enjoyable venue in Trail, BC is without a doubt their big, fancy, new brewery! From the location right downtown you have a view of the Teck Cominco metals Refinery at the top of the hill. Which definitely leads one to think that the brewery was designed in such a way as to reflect the main industry of Trail, the refinery. Inside the brewery is huge, very open, very spacious, with giant bay doors that open up right onto the sidewalk. From the seating area you can see just about the entire brewery, the brew tanks, fermentor tanks, grain sacks and giant towers of beer cans (like GIANT). There is a nice black and bright orange colour theme throughout the space. The red brick walls and wooden planks add an interesting touch of rustic to the mostly industrial, mechanical feel. There is also a very strong “sports bar” element, with four large flat screen tv’s continuously airing sports news. Just after 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon there was a line forming outside already, a combination of the young and the old. This would be the place to come after a long work week with a few buddies, pull up a chair, order some brews and chow, kick back and watch the game. The taproom carries beers made on location as well as guest beers, also red and white wine. They offer a full menu, something delicious for everyone… but really you don’t need to look any further than their Margherita Pizza, which will literally knock your socks off! Yummmmmm.


The Brews

Silver City Ice: A delicious, crisp, light, mild flavoured Pale Lager. Perfectly refreshing summer beer.

Trail Ale: A nice, malty, mellow brown ale with hints of caramel and a tinge of bitteriness.

Smoked Chocolate Porter: Dangerously dark and slightly smokey with a very subtle hint of chocolate in the aftertaste.

English Bitter: An easy drinking bitter that has more subtle bitteriness and is slightly tart.

Rossland Beer Co.

The Location

In the tiny town of Rossland, BC is the most ski-bumb like brewery I’ve ever been to. Located in the alley just off the main drag the brewery can be a bit tricky to find at first, but once you see the giant letters on the side of the building you can’t miss it! Inside the layout is pretty fascinating, it goes three levels deep, but is not very big otherwise. The tasting bar/ growler fill station is right when you walk in, then there’s a lounging level, then the level with all the brew tanks. When you stand at the top you can look over onto all three levels! I was lucky enough to snap a pic of the brewer in progress and he was cool enough to pose for me! The whole place just oozes ski culture, from the lovely exposed wooden planks and rippled sheet metal walls right down to the chandelier made out of skis. We’ve been a couple times now and each time the place was hopping, clearly a favourite location for tourists and locals alike. They had the bay doors opened up so that the tasting room and patio were open to one another and the nice summer breeze can flow right through. I can just imagine in the winter what a great spot it would be to hang out in after a long day skiing up on Red Mountain. Based on all the awards and articles that have been written about these guys, it’s obvious that they are highly esteemed in their community. You can read all about it, when you’re doing your business in their washroom… just try not to take too long!


The Brews

6 ft. Blonde Ale: A very nice golden coloured blonde ale, light and more on the bitter and tart side.

Hugh Hefeweizen: Cloudy in colour, and bursting with fruity and citrus flavours. Quite smooth, and not hoppy as it’s not made with hops.

Paint it Black IPA: Just what you’d expect from a black IPA, dark, roasty and smooth and yet quite hoppy (as IPA’s usually go). Almost starts out like a stout as it hits your tongue, then tastes like an IPA as it slides down your throat.

7 Summits Milk Stout: Omg, so good. Stout perfection in a glass. Creamy, smooth, dark, roasty and deeeeeeelicious. Could drink this beer for days.

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